Friday, December 23, 2016

What Makes Oil Drum Furniture So Special?

Here at Galeri Umah Tong we love our recycled oil drum furniture. Each piece is special to us, but at the same time we like passing them on so that they get daily use from someone like you who truly appreciates them,

Each Piece Is A Work Of Art - Like everything we have here at Galeri Umah Tong, each piece is unique and can never be replicated. That’s because we’re using materials that have a history, and each piece we start with is different from every other piece. Of course, because it’s a piece of art, it requires an artist. That means that…

Each Piece Is Handmade - Trust us, working with oil drums is not easy! Each drum is selected for its artistic merit, then cut and manually flattened. Each piece requires multiple cuts to exacting standards, especially the ones that have moving parts. All the while the look of the piece has to be kept in mind. From there we make it into oil drum tables, foot stools, picture frames, and oil drum chairs.

It’s The Ultimate In Recycling! - We all like recycling our paper, plastic, and cans. But what if you could help the recycling effort and get something amazing at the same time? That’s our goal as we make our useable art pieces, to make something beautiful that someone can use every day and pass down to the next generation, showing them that recycling has always meant something to us.

Looking for that one-of-a-kind piece of recycled oil drum furniture? 
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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Beautiful Furniture Made Out of Old Oil Drums!

Metal craft ideas vary from metal roofing, metal siding, making original pieces for home decoration to upcycling ideas and giving new life to a variety of old metal items.
We selected some of the most creative metal craft ideas which will show you how you can transform old oil barrels into cool furniture pieces. Giving a new life to seemingly useless items requires some creativity and some skills. However, it can be a lot easier than you think. Who would need an old barrel? They are bulky, sometimes rusty, they just do not look good! However, with a little bit of imagination and inspiration you can use them in your man cave, home bar, you can transform the oil barrels them into patio furniture, nightstands, coffee tables and many other different furniture pieces.

How to transform old barrels into furniture pieces for the garden or compost bins, plant containers? Every year millions of used steel oil drums are thrown out of circulation. Most of them are recycled as scrap metal, but there are many barrels lying in yards or warehouses. It turns out that the processing of unwanted barrels can be an exciting experience for the creative mind. People have realized that this is an excellent raw material for a variety of crafts for the garden, backyard or patio.

One of the simplest ideas is to use them as containers for collecting and storing water, simply by painting and decorating them in all colors of the rainbow. You can use them as planter boxes as well and decorate the corner of your garden or plant a small herb garden and have fresh herbs available at any time. Metal craft and DIY oil drum furniture ideas take advantage of the properties of oil barrels as they are very durable and come at an affordable price. However, you should keep in mind that before upcycling oil barrels into anything else, they must be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed of any content.

Metal craft and DIY oil drum furniture ideas feature many different indoor and outdoor furniture pieces. Those who are not very skilled or beginners in DIY furniture projects can start with a simple idea like making a bar table with a round top. You can use any material as top of your table – reclaimed or salvaged wood from a large wooden spool or a slab of solid wood. Those who are experienced in DIY furniture projects can craft a set of patio furniture – sofas and armchairs, useful storage containers, rocking chairs, documents organizers, lamps, coffee tables, cabinets etc. Even the most ordinary barrel can be a source of inspiration and we collected the most colorful and interesting ideas.

A great advantage of DIY oil drum furniture ideas is that your furniture pieces – tables, chairs, sofas – will be lightweight. At the same time they will be extremely durable resistant to moisture and rusting when you apply a special coating that will retain the beautiful look and color of your furniture pieces. Add some soft pads and cushions for comfort. The cushions and the pads can be made of any material and you can add color accents to your interior or exterior decor.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Upcycled Oil Drum Into Furniture By Umah Tong Gallery

Galeri Umah Tong is eco-friendly by design. We recycle and repurpose used steel oil drums into striking designs. You'll love the fact that we use what industry has already produced and turn it into sturdy and unique furnishings for your home, office or  Cafes and Resto.

Metal furniture made of recycled oil drums or barrels. Various furniture including chairs, bench, tables and even drawers. All made of reuse oil drums. Handmade in Cirebon Indonesia by skill craftsmen. If you like industrial style home decorations or furniture, these recycled oil drum furniture is for you.

Our Upcycled Dining Chairs are handmade by artisans using recycled oil drum metal which is combined with new raw steel material. In with the old and in with the new it would appear!
Using these raw materials, its easy to see how well old and new work together, giving the chairs an authentic modern, vintage feel. Ideal for the home or Cafes and Resto.

If you need to import recycled oil drums furniture  from factory, please contact us. We can provide you with competitive price. For more info about pricing & our product range.. Please feel free to reach us. Thanks for your support!  >Call/SMS/WA: +6281 222 055 111 /+628 999 333 242 > BBM: 5B4AF1B4 > E-mail: