Saturday, December 10, 2016

Upcycled Oil Drum Into Furniture By Umah Tong Gallery

Galeri Umah Tong is eco-friendly by design. We recycle and repurpose used steel oil drums into striking designs. You'll love the fact that we use what industry has already produced and turn it into sturdy and unique furnishings for your home, office or  Cafes and Resto.

Metal furniture made of recycled oil drums or barrels. Various furniture including chairs, bench, tables and even drawers. All made of reuse oil drums. Handmade in Cirebon Indonesia by skill craftsmen. If you like industrial style home decorations or furniture, these recycled oil drum furniture is for you.

Our Upcycled Dining Chairs are handmade by artisans using recycled oil drum metal which is combined with new raw steel material. In with the old and in with the new it would appear!
Using these raw materials, its easy to see how well old and new work together, giving the chairs an authentic modern, vintage feel. Ideal for the home or Cafes and Resto.

If you need to import recycled oil drums furniture  from factory, please contact us. We can provide you with competitive price. For more info about pricing & our product range.. Please feel free to reach us. Thanks for your support!  >Call/SMS/WA: +6281 222 055 111 /+628 999 333 242 > BBM: 5B4AF1B4 > E-mail:

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